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About Us



Consider + Plan

When we work on a project such as a website, e-store or mobile app, we need to consider why it is needed and how it will further your business.


Think + Design

We think about how every font, color, movement and message can enhance what you have to offer and so create a great experience for platform users.


Build + Execute

It’s important to determine the suitable platforms to use. We start the building process, with the end in mind - a product that serves you & your customers right.


Advise + Improve

Once a project is completed and ``live``, the work does not necessarily end. A continual process of learning, testing and improvement is recommended.


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Empower you
with Smart Solutions

Our solutions enable our clients to meet the rapidly changing demands of their businesses and stay competitive.

Web & Mobile Development

We are in a position to offer you both Web and Mobile development solutions that will meet your business needs. Our devoted team of experienced developers uses latest technologies to provide reliable solutions.

Business Process Automation

With business process automation, you save on time and focus on growing your business. With the simple click of a button, you can track every piece of work taking place at your business without having to scream at anyone.


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Forge your Company’s Digital Future

Our solutions include customized strategic projects and software products that address common challenges facing businesses within Kenya.

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Our clients say

They are a great, friendly and excellent team with a great drive for what they do and achieve. I was very pleased with the work they continue to offer us as Efficient Solutions.

— Wilfred Waweru

Systems Executive - Efficient Solutions

ShiftLogiQ is a group of young and vibrant fellows, with a great passion and talent for creative problem-solving, aesthetics and service delivery.

— Susan .W. Mzame

General Manager - RiftEvents

As a ShiftLogiQ customer, they have opened new and exciting possibilities for my business in areas of digital marketing. This has in-turn given my business a new edge in a competitive tour industry.

— Victor Kariuki

Manager - Elohim Travels